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Your Digital Presence Is About To Take Off

This is a progressive new age of business and businesses need to evolve in the way they reach their audiences.

Jordan Paris and James Altucher

To Infinity and Beyond

We Produce Profitable Podcasts That Help Businesses Grow In Both Profit And Influence

Our formula

We Produce, We Market, We Strategize, We Monetize


We'll set up a robust marketing strategy and produce assets to maximize downloads, and thus, ad revenue.

The Works

We'll find the talent to host your podcast, create the intro and outro, edit and produce the podcast, and manage it.

Direct Ad Sales

We'll pair you with advertisers so that you can profit from your podcast. Essentially, you'll be a channel on TV, but much cooler, of course.


Never worry about a thing. Simply record and forget.

Customer Acquisition

Implement a funnel where your podcast will bring you business value.


We'll set up a runway for lasting success in podcasting.

The Buzz


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